Retail is fast-paced. Your hiring process should be, too.

HeyHire’s all-in-one hiring platform for retailers removes unnecessary bottlenecks in your hiring process and reduces time to hire by 85%.

Hiring made simple and modern. Finally.

Discovery tools

Easy vetting

More relevant applicants

Efficient communication

Give a better candidate experience. Get better employees.

How we’re different:
Make it easy for qualified local talent to apply with custom QR-code-powered job posters.
Communicate with candidates without delays.  You chat, they text.
Vet and move candidates forward with ease, with our all-in-one platform.

Hassle-free hiring for retail, boutique, grocery, and specialty shops.

Build out your retail team with just a few taps.

Sales Associates
Inventory Associates
Customer Service
Shelf Stockers
Floor Managers

Efficient for you. Painless for your applicants.

Fast-track your hiring process with HeyHire’s user-friendly platform.

Create a new job posting from scratch or use our customizable job templates

Hire quickly so you don’t lose top talent to competitors.

Average days to offer


Employee retention increased by


Hours saved per hire


Simple, monthly pricing.

Per Location:


Charged Annually



Charged Monthly



Charged Monthly


Only pay for the months you get applicants on
Unlimited hires
Unlimited Positions
QR Banner Designer
Job Templates
Hiring Form Templates
Payroll/Onboarding Integration*
Calendar Integration
Customer Success Manager
Multi-Location Management
One price. Unlimited hires.
Simone T.
Zoé Tong
"Essential in opening our new restaurant"
HeyHire was instrumental in opening our new restaurant. We hired everyone from line cooks to servers to an experienced captain. Overhead went down with expedited hiring of skilled professionals. Thanks HeyHire!
Morgan A.
Neon Strength & Cycle
"Hired All My Coaches With HeyHire"
At first we were hesitant whether or not HeyHire can help our fitness center find instructors. To date, we hired 19 of our 21 fitness instructors with HeyHire.
Phil M.
Buck Wild
"I Wish We Had This Sooner"
We've been using HeyHire for 2 years and I still can't believe how easy it is. Thanks HeyHire for making my life so much easier!
Sam S.
Texas Republic
"Highest Quality Applicants"
It's hard to determine what classifies an applicant as 'high quality'. The common denominator across my best employees is simple: they're LOCAL. HeyHire has brought me nothing but local applicants, helping me make the best hires I could.
Aaron L.
Landmark Kitchen & Bar
"100+ Hires"
When I was told it takes 2 days to hire with HeyHire I thought they were joking. Then we made our first hire same-day but I was still doubtful. 100+ hires later, I take it back. I will never use anything else to hire at my bars.
College Station, TX
Jonah R.
Good Bull Ice House
"It’s a necessity"
For our new bar, we needed to hire a team of 50 in less than three weeks – HeyHire got us 100 applicants in just days. A1 customer support too!
Austin, TX
Alon A.
Theory Uptown
"Hiring staff our customers love"
"HeyHire has made it so much easier for us to attract and hire the right candidates, especially with the volume of turnover in our industry."
Austin, TX
Isaac Q.
The Cauldron
"Never easier to attract talent"
In a big city like Austin, it’s super hard to attract good employees. HeyHire has allowed us to increase our pool of applicants tenfold.
Austin, TX
Adam R.
Tiki 311
"It’s the only way we hire."
HeyHire has helped me find employees for all five of my locations – it’s truly made hiring a breeze. It’s now the only way that we hire.

Groceries, retail chains, and boutiques of all sizes use HeyHire

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